Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bay's 1st day of Kindergarten

June helping Bay pack her her backpack. sweet sister.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

do I have a blog?.....oh yeah I do

We are expecting baby #3 around January 24th. So I am busy painting and making room for another human being. I have to get rid of some toys but I think everything will fit just fine with some problem solving and organizing skills. I will get a camera with our taxes if not before this baby comes. I cannot have another child and have no camera!!!!!!! Bay starts Kindergarten monday. yikes! This is a busy month for us between church, birthdays, and school. Bay is having a cake decorating party. should be fun.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Parisian Dress

Here is my first piece of clothing ever made! A Parisian dress or pillowcase dress. I won a pattern off a blog and asked my friend Tara for help making it. I watched her make the first one (which I dont have a picture of). Then I went home and made the one pictured above. so cool to learn how to make things. I have a feeling Bay and June will have several of these and some lazy day skirts. I haven't made the skirts yet but that is my next project. So, all we will need this summer is flip flops and tank tops!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

This is Bay and, one of our new friends, Daisy. She kinda looks like June in this picture. Anyway, we went to Schimpff's Confectionary in Indiana to watch them make heart red hots and hope to sample a few.
As we walked, in they gave us samples of chocolates. It was rather delicious.

We browsed their museum of old candy boxes and equipment. pretty cool. Made me wish I had a super cool camera instead of my phone camera.

Super crowded in the gift shop.

Girls waiting to see how the red hots are made.

This is Jill and Warren, the owners. They are a hoot. Very entertaining. The picture above is when the candy comes out of the machine. Once they are are put through they drop the pieces on the table to break apart the hearts. pretty cool. seemed magical for the kids. June said this was her favorite part, "when they went crash". Then we got to sample the warm red hots. They were yummy too. They gave the option of lemon drops for kids in case the red hots were too spicy. We stayed and ate lunch with our friends and then watched them make red hots one more time before leaving. It smelled so good in there. It was a really neat valentine's day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dirty 30

That's right. I turned thirty on Jan. 8th. Bummer. oh well, you can't stop time. My hubby wrote out 30 things he loves about me. cool. We had a little family party after a pancake breakfast. That seems to be the tradition around here. Then a good friend cooked dinner for us. Here are the kiddos eating.

Here are the candles. I had to blow quickly before my kids blew them out.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rewind 2011 and start over please

Okay. I figured out how to view my pictures in my posts again. Now I just need a new camera so I can have pictures. I am still uploading pics from phone to facebook, then saving then to computer from facebook. blah. big unorganized mess. I want my camera back! So, this year, June busted her head at the Louisville Science Center. This is June at Kosair's children's hospital. They had put a numbing medicine on it and we were waiting for it to work. Then they glued her wound together. She is doing good now.

A day or so later, the stomache bug hits our family. fun times. Then we all get better and now we got runny noses. I can't wait until spring. In the mean time we are finger knitting and

Drinking hot cocoa after playing in snow,

Friday, November 19, 2010

Rockstar Birthday Party

So June turned 3 on October 15, 2010. My camera was broken and I had to rely on friends and my phone for pictures. so I apologize ahead of time for lack of pics and poor quality. June wanted a Flyleaf birthday. That is her favorite band. We had visited a music class called WeeRock and loved it. I found out the lady, Heidi, did birthday parties and knew that would be perfect for June. So we invited some friends with microphone invitations.
Then we met at Mama's Hip with friends dressed in Rockstar attire. Red hair even. Heidi led us in songs and we played instruments. She played June's favorite Flyleaf song to jam to with instruments. Afterwards, we ate microphone cupcakes and opened presents. Heidi gave June a harmonica for her present.We have enjoyed it thoroughly since then. Everyone including the adults had a really good time. It turned out to be a very special birthday.

Update: My friend gave me some pictures she took at the party. Yay! see below.