Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Line up please

For past few months Bay has been lining everything up in a row(blocks, cookies, shoes, letters, markers). I take pictures everytime she does it. Is this normal? I thought it was kinda cool but it does seem a little anal. A little like her mom I guess.

And here is just a sweet picture of the girls:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Everyone else is doing it...

Everyone else is reflecting on 2008 so I guess I will too. I had forgotten a lot. Since the last week has been so bad I forgot how many great things happen in 2008. Most of 2008 I have been watching June grow from an infant to a toddler. I got a massage for my birthday. Best birthday present I have ever had. Gardening in April was wonderful. I can't wait to do it again. Canoeing as a family. I can't wait to do this again also with or without the girls. Tony and I tried to go on a canoeing/fishing date one night. We were not out there very long; a storm came. go figure. We will try again. We took our first family trip to O'Fallon, MO on a mission trip. Tony and I saw "Cats" at the Louisville Ampitheater. In Aug. Bay turned two. I really enjoyed her little party. In September we picked apples for the first time. This will be a tradition from now on. In October I met the most special lady, Angie Smith, at the Brave retreat. June turned 1 and we picked pumpkins for the first time too. Also a new tradition we will start. My cat of many many years died of old age. We buried her in the backyard. Then we went to Greenville,MS for Christmas. Had wonderful time. That is where my luck ran out. I guess I should have eaten one more bite of black eyed peas last New Years Day. We came home to busted pipes and a flooded house. All plumbing is fixed now. I broke our dryer trying to dry wet towels. That will be fixed Monday. Our carpet has been pulled up and we are waiting a few weeks to see what the floors decide to do as they dry. So 2009 has many good things in store: New floors, swing set in our backyard, gardening, sewing, beach trip(hopefully), more dates with husband, and as the girls get older it will be fun to watch them play together. Happy New Year!