Friday, October 16, 2009

Puppy Party

Happy 2nd Birthday June! June loves puppies, babies, and beaded necklaces right now. We had a quick low key puppy party for her. She had pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast. She ate puppy chow for a snack after naptime. She enjoyed her balloons and pictures of puppies I collected to hang up.We played a sniff game with scents in jars. They had to guess the smell. She had dog bone breadsticks with her dinner. I made puppy cupcakes for the party. Mimi and Poppy dropped by to give her her gift so I decided to light the candles and open the presents while then. She really had a good time. Her favorite present was her new babydoll. She slept with it that night and the first thing she said in the morning was, "I like my baby". She is so stinkin cute! Earlier that day when June recieved a birthday card in the mail she would not share with Bay. Check out the video below. Bay was determined to look at and hold the card and kept asking but June said, "NO, my card!"
I am very thankful all the birthdays are over now. I am pooped. I wonder if the the hubby and kids will make my birthday as festive as I made theirs.......hmmmm......probably not. oh well.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Muddy Pumpkins

Tony was off work today so that means.......WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING FUN! Well, we went to Slowpoke Farm to pick pumpkins. Their website does not give hours of operation and they won't answer the phone so we just went. We knew it would be muddy but the family was all here and needed pumpkins soooo........we picked pumpkins. They didn't open until 12 so we left some money by their front door and a message on their phone. It was chilly and muddy but still fun. We were the only ones there so we didn't get a family picture. We came home and decorated the girls' pumpkins with Mr. Potatoe head pieces. They thought it was funny.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I need to create, NOW!

The creative bug has hit!!!!!! I want to make everything. God has definetly filled my heart with the desire to create. Create anything! Top ones on my list are 1)notecards with fabric on it for christmas party presents, 2)sweet treats(especially in the shape of puppies for June's birthday- more on that next week), 3) a window table, 4)this awesome gift for a kid. soooooooo theraputic. And if it can be theraputic, I want it. I guess it is the art therapist in me (that I will one day get paid for). This band-aid blanket is not expensive but I can make it for cheaper and have fun doing it. Check it out. so cool. Ian, you you are reading this, you might get one for christmas if Aunt Netty can make it look good. What color would you like? wouldn't it be great with a cool book in it about being sick? I know Bay would love it and would put her Raffie right in pocket. And here is a picture of my awesome husband and children because I like to post pics with my posts even when they are not relevant.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

most wonderful taste ever!

I collect recipes all the time. If it taste good, I want the recipe. If it looks good on paper/tv/internet, I will write it down and try it out. I think baking may be one of my passions. I LOVE food and enjoy the process of making beautiful treats. One blog I follow, WhimSy Love, had a recipe for cream cheese chocolate cupcakes. Cream cheese and chocolate. Probably two of my favorite foods. Cream cheese is awesome because you can have it for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. So I was eager to try this out. OH MY GOODNESS! I am not kidding people. so freakin' awesome. After I eat one I am so happy I get the giggles. Tony fell in love too. Here is a picture of him and the last one. He even stated, "Annette, since you made these I have been eating two at a time and now there is only one left.......can you make more next week?"

And don't be fooled by its appearance. I thought the same thing. The cream cheese and chocolate chips sink in as it cools. And it does not come from a box. Homemade Yumminess. If you can't find the recipe on her blog I can give it to you. Just let me know.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I have been fascinated with our monarch butterflies. We have a butterfly bush and this year the monarchs found it. There were 3 on there at the same time the other day. So beautiful. I want to plant another bush beside it and hope for more butterflies.