Friday, June 18, 2010

Love and Hate

My girls are very expressive and dramatic for that matter. On our way back from MS we stopped in Memphis, TN to visit aunts, uncle, and cousin. There, I captured some emotions on there faces.
Stuck up, uncooperative face(Bay)

angry face(Bay)

Happy face

Really happy face

i love my daddy face

Not too sure about taking a picture in this tree faces. and the love of my life face in the middle.

I have often thought about making a feelings picture book of my kids. Maybe one day. Then they would know what they look like when they feel a certain emotion. Do you know what you look like when you are truly happy, sad, scared, worried....? I don't.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bean Pole Teepee

I decided to make my gardening dreams come true. The Artful Parent has this cool bean pole teepee and I wanted it too. Tony helped me lash/ tie the poles together and till up the ground. Then I placed it in the ground and June helped me plant and water the seeds. Bay eventually decided to join us. We now have bean sprouts. I can't wait for it to grow into a cool play area for me. Did I say me? I meant the girls!
You can see our sunflowers lined up along the fence. We also have a pretty good amount of blackberries growing this year. In the vegetable garden, we have tomatoes, cabbage, banana peppers, cilantro, basil, marjoram, and squash thanks to Amy and leftover money on a home depot card. Other plants include mint, lemon leaf(?), country onions, irisies and many flowers I have no clue what their names are unless I look at the list Patty gave me. She is cleaning out her landscaping and let us have some of her plants. I may need to go back and get a little more. I hope I will be able to take care of all this growth this summer and next year. I love it. Spring and summer is the best time of year for me. I may try and plant some pumpkins and lettuce later for fall harvest though.

Memaw, Aunt Tiff, Uncle Trae, and Ian

Our family came to visit for memorial day. We played Nintendo. Yes, the real first Nintendo! mario 3.
Man, I was in the right place at the right time with my camera. This pose didn't last very long.
We decided to go to the spray park.

This is cousin Ian and Uncle Trae running throught the big sprinklers.

This is Daddy and June running through the big sprinklers.

Then we went to the waterfront and walked around a bit. I just love the artsy birds there.