Friday, September 26, 2008

Several things

Ever since I took painting and photography I always notice the light outside. It is the most beautiful in the morning and in the evening. I see color in different ways now. Anyway, I knew that the sun was brighter and closer in the winter but never really cared until someone bought me a prism. I could not find a place to hang it where light would shine through it. I found a spot in Bay's room. I hung it in her window. The thing is that we only get rainbows on her wall in the fall and winter due to the difference in the sun. It starts at 4 pm(about the time this pic was taken) just as Bay is waking from her nap. I tried to take a picture but you can't really see it too well. As the sun sets, the rainbows get bigger and brighter. This time I wrote it on the calendar. I want to see if it happens on the same day again next year.

Both my girls had this next problem. Today I must have left the bathroom door open. What is this?

And this:

Oh June, NO!

We always keep the bathroom closed for this reason. At least June didn't eat it like Bay did. Crazy kids.

Bay just figured out that the cushions come off the couch and make a new toy.I remember playing on the couch when I was little and it was super fun so I don't mind the mess for a little while.

And the last little thing: I made these paper puppets (printed from a website I can't remember) and then put mommy and daddy's face on them. Bay got a kick out of them. It is kinda fun to see us as king/queen or prince/princess. I love you Tony!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrup. How about you? It is really hard though since they put it in EVERYTHING! I believe sugar of any kind in large amounts is very very negative. I saw two commercials supported by the Corn Refiners about HFCS being basically good for you. It is made from corn and it is sugar. What is wrong with that?right? Wrong people! They give you a website to learn more about HCFS. I read a lot of it but not all of it. They were trying really really hard to bring out every positive thing they could. It basically is good for those who use it to make a product(it's cheap,better shelf life,etc). Who cares about what it does over time to the people who eat it. Then I read some research findings on another site that showed the negative effects of it. It definitely is an eye-opener once you are educated about food. The following is our goal. I say "goal" because this is not the way we eat all the time. We actually have gotten really bad about it in the last 1-2 years. We have both gained weight too.
Organic and unprocessed as much as possible!!!!!!!
Whole wheat bread,flour, pasta, crakers, cereal,etc. No bleached white stuff!
organic cane sugar (as little sugar as possible)
no soft drinks
little amounts of juice
small amounts of red meat
no pork
chicken,turkey, and fish are good
fresh fruits and veggies galor!
I totally agree with the food specialist(I think he is a chef) on The Biggest Loser: Shop on the perimeters of the grocery store. Items in the center are going to be more processed. That's were much of the junk is.
So go away HFCS! I want real food that hasn't been sweetened to affect the flavor. If God wanted sugar in everything he would have put it there, right?

Friday, September 19, 2008


First of all, I sold my old manual camera(I used it for a photography class in college) and bought a new digital camera since my other one broke. It is awesome. A few weeks ago we had a minor thunderstorm and a huge limb was broken but hanging from the tree. A few days later it fell. Daddy drug it to the backyard were it became a wonderful toy for Bay to climb on. It was just the right size for her. That is all she wanted to do. "climb tree?" she would ask. Look at her little feet and toes. Just like her mom.

Then the hurricane winds came in from Texas and we had a few more big limbs fall. Daddy drug them to the backyard so that we could saw them into pieces and slowly add them to our garbage.
So, I watched her play and enjoy naturefor a few days. A tree service truck was a few houses down so I asked them to take my trees. They did it for $25. They were all mulch in about 2 minutes. I wish Ihad that machine. We get sticks and limbs all year long. We need to buy a fire pit to help get rid of the sticks in a fun way. Bay was a bit sad the tree was gone. She would say,"no tree" with a sad look on her face. I can't wait to get her a swing set. She probably enjoyed that tree more than she would a swing set.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Louisville Rocks!

The family went to the waterfront yesterday and had a lot of fun. Sorry no pics this time. We skipped rocks in the river, Bay saw the artsy bird sculptures, and played on the playground. We met a lady who is the director of children's music at the Louisville School of Rock I know, isn't that awesome? I didn't know we had one. Louisville has such cool things but sometimes it is hard to find them. Many things are downtown and we just don't make it there very often. She gave us a free egg shaker along with a free drop in class. June loves egg shakers! Now we have two. They have a class for 2-3 yr olds. So, one day our family will rock there. Hopefully soon! I think Tony might enjoy playing all the instruments more than the girls. This lady, Heidi, also told Tony about a unique coffee shop called Ray's Monkey House and Kid Cafe It is a coffee shop with an area for toddlers. We are so there soon! They have movie night and Kids open mic night. We probably wouldn't be able to do these right now but at least we know it is there. They also have people read stories to children on certain days. I think we may do this one saturday afternoon. These are two things that we could do throughout the winter season. I am in search for more. (Otherwise we will get stuck in front of the TV. Blahhhhhh!) To end our evening, we went out to eat and then looked at the ducks at a pond outside the restaurant. Bay had so much fun.

Friday, September 5, 2008

2 years old!

We had Bay's birthday last weekend. It was great. She really had fun. Early that morning, we went to the zoo with daddy and grandma. All the animals were out and about. Later, Mimi and Poppy came over. We ate BBQ and birthday cake. We busted our pinata that I made. I made it a bit too strong and we had to throw it on the ground to bust it open. I made and decorated her cake. I think it turned out well. It had Dora's face on it. So, we have had the evil cake here with us this week. How did this cake know our names? I guess it heard them at the party. It seemed to call our names everytime we walked past it. We finally ate it all, so no more cake! We want to lose a bit of weight around here. The funny thing is that Bay never really ate any. Maybe two bites of the cake the entire week. She would ask for it and I would hold her while she scooped some icing on her finger and ate it. I now have a month before June's birthday. What am I going to do for that?