Friday, February 27, 2009


Bay has finger tails. That's right- Finger Tails. She can't seem to say "fingerNails". I can't help but laugh when she says, "my fingertails are long. Cut my fingertails Mom!" I think I may call it Bay's Babble when she says something cute and interesting. If you have a better name for it let me know. I am not good with words.

Apple PB sandwhiches

I am always looking for healthy fun food ideas. I recently made Apple Peanut Butter sandwhiches. I am sure other people make it too but I have never seen it before. I slice an apple from the side to avoid the core. I use the slices as the bread and put peanut butter in between. Sweet and simple! Maybe I should be making some of these right now because June just ate some dog food. That girls will eat anything!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Praying Bay

The girls were eating dinner last night and I was unloading the dishwasher. We have been sick on and off the last couple of weeks. Right now the girls are well but I am aching and have a sore throat. Bay said."Mom, I not sick!" I told her how great that was and she needed to thank God that she is healthy. So she did and I continued with the dishes. Then I heard her naming family and I looked and found her praying. Her hands were in prayer postion and her eyes were squinted. I slowly put dishes away so I could hear her. She prayed for memaw and poppaw and mom and june. My child prayed for me on her own will. I almost cried. I asked her if she was praying for family and friends and then told her how happy God is when we talk to Him. Tony missed it.

Update on the House and Insurance: After a bit of confusion, I called the insurance lady and we probably won't have to pay any of our deductible. If any, it might be around 500 which we have from our taxes. We will have new floors soon!They will sand and refinish the hardwood and put new laminate down and put carpet in the bedrooms. They will pay for us a hotel room while they sand and refinish the hardwood. Wow! Maybe it could be a hotel with an indoor pool. hmmm....probably not. Maybe I should thank my husband for making the bad decision to turn the heat off during Christmas vacation. I now have to call and schedule someone to come fix our W/D. Tony and his dad are suppose to move the piece of junk to the road and move the old one back into the spot so it can be fixed. Good luck muscle men!

Also we purchased a new laptop computer. I believe our 10 yr old computer is about to die. It has been hacked into, we get crazy pop ups saying something has made an illegal action or something, and it has like no memory compared to the new computer. We are moving up in the technology world. I will have to get Tony to blog about buying the laptop. Too funny! He never blogs though. oh well.

Friday, February 20, 2009

He finally came!

Sorry to have been so gross in the previous post. I guess I am just sick of everything and I really don't care anymore. I just want everything fixed, running, and pretty. Speaking of fixed, our leak is fixed and I am happy. The wait is worth it when you have connections and you know a discount awaits you. We paid him more than what he asked for to compensate for his gas. He drove all over this city trying to find the right part to save us money. Now it is time to do some paperwork and get the floors fixed. If we can find a receipt for our bedroom furniture(ruined at the bottom) the insurance will cover that too. The W/D we bought on craig's list was a lemon. The dryer took 3 hrs to dry a little load. We figured it needed a new burner. Then, I went to start a wash and I heard a click click click and the good old magical black poof of smoke appeared. I wish a new one had magically appeared right there. Anyway, that one is junk as far as I am concerned. I thought about using the washer thing inside it as a firepit but I think it requires too much digging to set it in the ground and nice stones to go around it...etc. We don't really have a great place for it anyway. It might not look so hot to future buyers. It is probably best we just buy a new $60 firepit and be done with it. It is a necessity for us since our 3 large trees drop limbs every time the wind blows. Here, you have to pay extra for yard waste and guess what? we don't. Plus, I would like to sit outside with my husband after the kids are asleep and watch the stars and fire instead of the TV. Back to the point..... I am pretty sure we will fix the old W/D this week. Progress people. I see progress being made. Then after all that Daddy gets to build the playset in the backyard. The girls will love it. I think it is going to be a great spring and summer! I can't wait.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have been rejected and put off by our plumber for a week. We have a leak under the sink. I guess it is from the December pipe bursting event. I am sure we have little leaks everywhere under the house that we don't know about. He gave us the water key so we could turn on and off the water. So that is what we have been doing. On and off throughout the day and off at night. Sucks when it is off and you forget and you go to poo and then have to leave it there, grab the key, go outside, turn the water on, and then flush the toilet. He keeps saying we need to go get this part, we will be there today. Then I fall asleep and then wake up to another day. Where is Steve?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is really good but has a bad knee. I guess they are busy. Our problem is minor enough for us to wait. So........I wait.......................................................

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A criminal investigation

All criminals leave a trail right? If you had your purse, keys, phone, cards, and a new Bible with your name on it stolen and then later found a trail leading to the thief, would you follow it? What would you say? I have this opportunity now and I really want to be prayerful about this. The first instinct I think is to punish and get payback. Or even just get my stuff back. something. anything. What if something more could happen. What if I could show Jesus to them. What if they eventually came to my church? What is the way to show Jesus. I think it is through love. "Love your enemies" right? How do you show love to a thief? This shows my lack of Bible knowledge but how did Jesus show love to a thief?(I need to research and consult the Word on this one) What act would be so outrageous and loving that I could do that would point them to Jesus? Or do I ignore it and move on? I don't want to say too much on here because you never know who reads this stuff. Afterall, they know my name and could be reading this.

coughing June

Today, June and I missed church. I stayed home with June because of her cough and runny nose plus she had a small fever last night. She plays and acts fine but her cough sounds pretty bad. It is so sweet to be able to be with her alone. I can actually hear all her sweet sounds and singing and watch her play without any restrictions of her sister. I can give her extra extra love and attention. She is a very special girl.

Friday, February 6, 2009


As I was cutting the spring mix salad for taco night, I noticed how wonderful the color green is. As I was holding the green leaves I gazed outside at the bare trees. I imagined the green leaves back on the trees again. I can't wait until the sprouts of spring arrive. It won't be long folks. My body literally aches for the warm weather and the spring colors. I can't wait to garden again and hopefully start a compost pile if I can find a way to keep the children and dog out of it. This year I want lettuce, tomatoes(cherry and regular), zucchini, bell peppers, and pumpkins. I am thinking about carrots only because Bay could pull it out and munch on it like a little rabbit. I collected some large sunflower seeds this past summer so I will plant those again somewhere. I would also like to fill our pots with flowers. My thoughts and imagination go on and on.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


We just got our cable and internet back. It feels great to be connected again. The ice has melted off the trees but there is still snow on the ground. The trees look terrible. When it warms up this weekend I guess I will be chopping wood. What a mess to clean up. Things like this sure do make you realize what you take for granted. It also reminds us that God is in control. For those of you who experienced Ice Storm '94 in MS, it was just like that. I have to admit when the sun was shining on the ice and snow one day it was so beautiful. Sparkles everywhere.