Friday, November 27, 2009

Have you made yours yet?

I met with some ladies from my church to make our annual advent wreaths. I made a wreath last year so I decided to do something different this time. I google imaged advent calendar and found one to make. I didn't make it exactly like the one I found but I think it turned out just as good. It was very time consuming but I had my mind set on this one. Since this one doesn't look like a present the kiddos haven't asked about it yet. When they figure out there are goodies in the tins I am sure they will start bugging us about it. Each tin is velcroed to the canvas board. I used felt for the flowers and I used scrapbooking paper for all the paper cut-outs. We will be putting up the Christmas tree in the morning. The girls are excited to decorate it this year.