Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Jetsons

I don't get out much. I really am a stay-at-home mom. We run errands a few times a week but for the most part I don't know what is cool and new. Within the past week I have seen this world change which means I have to change. Most of the time I don't like change. I know it is good for us and it helps us grow mentally, spiritually, and physically(if i would do some crunches!). I went to the post office to buy a stamp with some change at the machine. Negative. You can't do that anymore. Debit or credit only. I had to go wait in line and pay for it with a real cashier who could count my change with her brain. I will admit the debit card is very useful for a mommy especially when you need to get gas or fast food. I just wanted to use my change that day. I think the post office needs a drive thru for stamps. It really stinks to get the kiddos out of the car just to get one stamp. I know, I need to buy a book of stamps. I did but guess what ?I ran out yesterday. So anyway, Then I go to the gyno today with my girls. It was a bit interesting since they are older now. They did really good though. Just stuff them with tasty treats and they are good to go. In the waiting room I noticed they had upgraded to flat screen TVs. They ran around like wild children and looked and the newborn babies. Finally, they called my name and I dragged the girls with me. So in the room my doctor begins to ask me questions to update my file on a mini laptop. She tells me they are moving to electronic files. No more paper. I love paper. I hope it never goes away completely. I feel like I am missing so much. The world is changing. Most of the time slowly but today it feels like things are changing quickly. And that is because I need to get out more. Another thing that is changing is Bay and June. Unfortunately, Bay is under mega potty training and so staying home is easier at the moment. She has used the potty every 30 minutes(on my timer) yesterday and today. She has been wearing panties. Only a diaper at naptime and bedtime. She is dry during naptime but I am just not brave enough to let her wear the panties for nap yet. She tells me sometimes when she has to go but usually she likes to wait for the timer. When the timer beeps she runs to the potty.If I ask her before the timer goes off she says, "no, wait for the timer". awesome. We have a few accidents every now and then. Just one yesterday. And so far only 1 today. June likes to sit on the little potty with all her clothes on and says, "Bay, I potty". precious. She loves her big sister. Copies everything she does. So hopefully they will both be potty trained by the end of the summer. cross your fingers. I figure Bay will be but my challenge is June. We can do it. So while I stay at home and potty train my children tell George Jetson we said hi!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Can't cook without an Apron, right?

I have always wanted to wear an apron but never bought one. Bay has one that is bit big for her. I got it at target in the dollar section. When I fix that sewing machine I will attempt to make one that fits her. I have found this awesome site that has very elegant aprons that come as a gift package with recipe cards, a monogrammed apron, and an heirloom kit. I have always gravitated towards the handmade, crafty, elegant but simple, feminine things. And it seems I keep finding these exact things through this wonderful blog world. So if my husband would read my blog on a regular basis he would know exactly what gifts to get me. ha ha.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flip doll kit

Can I please have this kit? I have made a doll for the girls before and it was tiny to sew(arms and legs) but so cute and worth the hard work and time. Actually, it didn't take very long. I had to borrow someone else's machine so that made it take a long time. I would love to make these flip dolls. Even if the girls didn't play with them much, I still think they are neat. I think June would really likeone of these dolls right now. She loves babies and books. When I get good at all this sewing stuff one day I could make things like this as gifts.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heart 'N Hand

Today is Tuesday. Heart 'N Hand (quilt guild) night. I go there for the artist community, support, and inspiration. I will make a quilt one day. I will get my sewing machine fixed this month and hopefully I will be sewing this summer. I want to make the Miss Madeline dresses, aprons, and a quilt top. Problem is I have no tools. Nothing. So for Mother's day I would like Tony to go to a quilt shop like Joann's or Austin's Sewing Center and buy the basic tools and fabrics I need. I guess you could get them at Wal-mart but i am not sure what all I need. I do know I need a rotary cutter, a self-healing mat, and fabric. SouleMama is one of my role models when it comes to crafty things like this. She just made a quick quilt and I am in love with the company who sells the fabric she used. The colors are so me. It would never match anything in our house but the colors are just me. I guess eventually when I collect or make enough things that are "me" then everything will flow and match. When I paint (which is never, anymore) my colors tend to always be bright like this. I also have this thing for birds and nest and eggs. So when I saw this fabric. I gasped for air it was soooo beautiful. Click here http://store.annamariahorner.com/drrobu.html Then click to enlarge it to see the birds. I am not sure if it comes with the birds on it but if it doesn't I learned an easy screen print technique from another blog I could use to do it. I have to make this a priority or it will never happen. This is what I enjoy and unfortunately it involves money and time whereas Tony's hobby,fishing, only involves time. Which I want to do more often with him alone. Fishing season is about to explode so I probably won't see Tony much unless I start going with him. Or...... I could sew while he fishes. you know, I make the clothes, he brings home the dinner. Isn't that how it is suppose to be? ha ha. (I am so glad I figured out the link thing for these blogs. It is awesome.)

Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a good Easter. Nothing really special but Bay and June had fun. I got Bay a dress up easter basket and since June is so young I just got her a new baby doll. They both loved their gifts. It was a bit chilly but we hid the eggs and let Bay find them. June could only find 2 at a time because she wouldn't put them in the basket. She just wanted to bang the 2 together she had in her hands. Here is a video of Bay and some pictures.

Friday, April 10, 2009

paint video

Okay flabby belly you have got to go! When your husband is convinced it is a pregnant belly AND IT IS NOT, it has to go....immediately. I guess I will start crunching. And now to the topic I originally wanted to post about-painting. I plan big painting days based on the girls' need for a bath. They were about due for one so I decided to let them paint. Their Memaw bought them a medium size roll of white paper. I rolled two of these out, strip the girls to their shirts and diapers, and gave them a plate with paint on it. I even threw in some paint brushes just in case fingers were not good enough. Well, they loved it. They ended up enjoying it on their bodies more than the paper but that's what kids do. So I took videos and pictures. It is probably long and boring to you but it is special to me and will be even more special later on.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

work out or not?

Well it is spring and this is the time when I have the energy to try and work out. If I choose to jog then I have to go at like 5:30 or 6 before Tony has to leave for work. The other option is to excercise with the kids. ummm not so relaxing. I have to push them in the double stroller or wagon. And man they are getting heavy. I guess I need a jogging stroller or something. I like to go alone anyway. My favorite exercise is a yoga class but I can't afford that now. My husband works out pretty regulary. He tries to do it 3 times a week. He is a hard gainer. It seems he works out and stays pretty fit but can't seem to buils his mass and muscles. He started a blog hoping to get feedback from others. I don't think anyone has commented yet so here is the link. Check it out.
We had a painting day the other day I will post pics later.