Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Super Silly Bay!

That girl! She had a giggle fit monday that lasted close to two hours. She couldn't stop herself. Out of control. She was a little silly after naptime. Here is the proof: Example A is a cute super girl silly.She dressed herself from head to toe. I believe she was inspired by her cousin Ian's superhero birthday party pictures.

Example B:

Oh it gets better. Example C: This is probably my favorite.

she continues, Example D:

Then sometime after that, the giggles started. And did not stop until she fell asleep that night. She ate dinner- with the giggles. It was good to hear her laugh but it was a bit disruptive. It took over her body. It was like she was drunk. She wasn't worth much good. I got her dressed for dance- with the giggles. As you see in the picture she could no longer stand straight due to the silliness.
Look how cute the leg warmers are. Bay's best friend Jordyn gave those to her. So, I took her to dance and she giggled while putting her ballet shoes on and I nervously watched her go into her class. Mrs. Connie, I am so sorry for her behavior. Even the other moms in the waiting room noticed she was extra giggly. I guess she did okay in class. No complaints. and she got a sucker and a sticker. I thought she might have burned some energy and giggles off after dance. Nope. She giggled on the ride home and then Daddy noticed the problem when we got home. What the heck did I feed her? It reminded me of my Grandmother when she use to ask me, "Do you have fever with those spells?" maybe I acted the same way when I was little. Oh....Bay(with a sigh). Maybe I will figure her out one day( probably not). At least she made me smile and not cry that day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birds these days!

I LOVE artsy fartsy birds. Not realistic birds or realistic pictures of birds but artsy birds. It seems everywhere I look I find a product with a bird on it. Here is the latest example from Figs and Ginger. Too bad it is expensive. I really really like it though. I might have to make some extra hair bows for that one. I found a cool bird mobile template on Martha Stewart. I want to make it but not sure where I would hang it. Probably in the girls' room. There is just something about bird silhouttes I love. If you got something cool, put a bird on it and I will buy it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Can we talk?

I was happily taking a nap on the couch with the hubby when his on-call cell phone beeped. I decided to finish my nap in the bed. I guess I eventually went to sleep but I couldn't stop thinking about phones and how much things have changed. Do you remember home phones that had all the cords? I know many people still have a home phone but most people I know just have cell phones. Cell phones with numbers already programmed in them. I remember memorizing many many phone numbers. My mom had a rolladex. Not even sure how to spell that. I still remember some of my childhood friends' phone numbers. I guess I called them alot. Now, I couldn't tell you anyones number except mine and my husbands. So I think back to my childhood... I am talking on my home phone to a friend for hours(what was there to talk about?) but I get thirsty or hungry or need to potty. 2 solutions: 1)tell them to hold and put the phone down. 2) add a 100 ft cord to your phone so you can walk around the house. I did both. We had a LONG cord. Then came the cordless phone! awesome! The bad thing about them was static sometimes. One might have to change the channel to hear better or need to charge them. Then there was all the fancy extras like mute, call waiting, and three-way calling. Used them all. Me and my friend would call a boy on three-way. So sneaky and deceitful to hide one person. Then there was prank calling. Man we had some fun with that. Hello?-Is your refrigerater running? you better catch it-click- ha haha ha. So stupid. I guess when you are 10 there isn't much to do. This was before caller ID which would come later and ruin all the fun. First came *69. That would tell you who just called. right? there was another one to block or hide your number when you called someone. Then the cordless wasn't good enough. How far would it go? I remember thinking how great it would be to take the cordless with me (like a cell phone). Then came the car phone. Which was huge and bulky. Never had that. I had a friend who did though. I went everywhere without a phone. Now it never leaves my side it seems. And now a days you never know what a phone will sound like. Back then it was "rinnnnggggg, rinnnnggggg". That's it. plan and simple.Then I thought back to my original issue that started all this crazy thinking- hubby's on-call cell. What did his company do back in the 80's? Were there pagers then? hmmm... not sure. Either they had to wait at home for a call or check their answering maching for messages. Remember those? We had lots of fun recording on that. I know my husband has a few stories about answering machines. Anyway, I just wanted to stir up some of your memories . I wonder what my kids will remember and what phone technology will look like 20 yrs from now.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interpretive dance with Bay

Bay is a hoot. She LOVES to sing and dance. She is very dramatic, passionate, and emotional. She can be a little over the top sometimes. She was dancing as usual the other night and everyone was home and sitting in the living room before bedtime. Daddy decided to dance with Bay which we do every now and then but tonight was different. Daddy decided to try copying her dance moves and keep up with her. I have no idea what she is singing. I think she was making up her own song. It was so funny! I was laughing so hard that I figured this was worth video taping. Tony video taped me dancing with her too. It was definitely exercise. She never stops moving. And if you say the word "energy" she speeds up. The video of Tony is much more silly (and shorter) so view his video here. It is called Interpretive Dance with Bay & Daddy #2. Sorry, the video was too long for blogger so click the link to Enjoy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hammered Valentine

Here are pics of the gifts we made.For Cubbies, we used pom poms and barrel art paper to make valentine cards. For daddy, I saw this cool piece of artwork and decide it would be a good new craft for the girls. They have never worked with wood and nails before. I let them "hammer" the nails in after I got them started. They really enjoyed it and we all made one for him. Wednesday we made valentine chocolate covered pretzel rods. They were suppose to be for June's Honeybee class but it was canceled due to snow. We will be making them again but with smaller shorter pretzel rods. I found that the girls only wanted to eat the pretzel that was covered in chocolate. So now that it is kid tested, mother approved, we can distribute the new ones to the kids wednesday(if we don't get snowed out again, which is possible). We are also in the process of making paper hearts from newspaper pulp. It is a much longer process than I thought so it might end up being a regular craft as opposed to a valentine craft.

Friday, February 12, 2010

One more step closer

Today, the girls and I went to Beechmont Communtiy Center to sign a couple of papers so i can be a pottery teacher. awesome. She gave us the tour of the studio and asked me a couple of questions which made me question my pottery knowledge. Let me tell you, I have not thrown on wheel since 2004. I did some hand building in 2005. I was most concerned with mixing glazes and firing. So, when I got home I watched this awesome lady from Little e Pottery for about 4 hrs. I feel much better now. Hopefully, sometime between March and May I will start teaching a class once a week in the evening. It doesn't pay much but it allows me access to a pottery studio for free.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I know kids are happy that school is out but nothing has change here in the standrod house except all the fun things have been canceled. The girls are too young and wimpy too go sleding for extended period of time. Instead, we stay at home and I just keep injuring myself. Neck/back pain(which is much better now even though I didn't see the chiropractor), gibson scratched my eye, and I sprained my wrist shoveling the evil snow. So I don't get to make my chocolate covered pretzels for Honeybees tonight because it has been CANCELED. I might have to make them anyway just to do something different.We were suppose to play at a friends house today. Canceled due to icy roads and my laziness. Tony is able to work though which is good. Paychecks have been little lately due to all this crazy weather.
On a good note, I received an important letter yesterday. I now have a tax account number to start working as a pottery instructor. I hope they still want/need me. I still have some more paperwork to do but at least the ball is rolling.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Indoor Hopscotch

After it snowed the second time this year and then melted, Bay thought spring was coming. WRONG! It snowed again. Bay was so upset to see snow again. She yelled at the snow and said she was so "frustrated". She is very ready for spring just as I am. We are stir crazy around here. We have been stuck in this house with not much to do. Luckily, today is Sunday and we were able to go to church. Not to mention the gloom outside, I have gloom inside... my body. I have the worst neck/back pain EVER! Super worthy of a trip to see my chiropractor ASAP! Not sure what I did for this to happen. I can't rotate my head much and it hurts to move and lay down and sit up, etc. Mommy hurts... bad. And since it hurts all the time I have no excuse to sit and do nothing so I made hopscotch for the girls. I saw on a blog how they made hopscotch INSIDE with paper and tape so I thought that might be a good idea. It was, but it didn't last very long. The video of them trying to do it is good though. Blogger wouldn't let me upload it. sorry. June was a little sad because she couldn't hop on one foot. She said, "mommy, I can't play that game". Poor June. She did finally learn to cut with kid scissors yesterday though. In the past, she would watch Bay do it and try and try without success. But now she can and she is very proud of herself. So, this week I need to get my skeletal system fixed and enjoy Valentine celebrations everywhere we go this week(dance, cafe moms, honeybees/cubbies).

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Love...

I love him...

and him...
and even him!

I also love his blog that he updates once every 2 years!