Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do you ever think," need to post about that..." and then you get busy and by the time you sit down to blog about it you don't want to? Well, it happens to me. I haven't blogged in a few weeks so let me catch you up on our life. Our garden is doing great!

I am doing two Bible studies right now. awesome. It is good to be in the Word. One is a marriage study. The other is Beth Moore's Esther. I am working on my resume and will begin emailing it to places Sunday or Monday. One great place is hiring that I have always wanted to work at. I have been struggling with the idea of this new life change and how it would affect everyone in our family since I have always stayed at home. It is exciting and scary. I suppose I will have to do it sooner or later so I might as well start looking now. I am watching a 10 yr. old from 8-5:30 everday while his mom is taking some classes out of town. He is my step brother in law. I know, a bit confusing. It has been interesting to have an asian 10 yr. old boy in the house. He speaks english very well. He plays LOTS of video games and computer games. I try to get us out of the house to avoid too much of that. He has got me watching those kid shows like ICarly and Drake and Josh. And I can't seem to cook those potstickers and dumplings right.The chinese/english directions are vague and don't tell me how long to cook things. I bet he thinks this white girl is dumb and crazy.Apparently, I say, "Here we go" a lot about everything. When I find what I am looking for or when I am showing the girls something. He asked me why I say that. He is a good boy but talks way too much for me. He has not been raised in a christian home so I hope for him to see something different aboout us. Three more weeks of that. Then it is vacation in AL. wooo-hooooo. I am so ready for the beach. Bay is too. She sings the Dora song using Dauphin Island- "Where are whe going? CLAP CLAP CLAP Dauphin Island!" Over and over and over again. I just hope the ride down there goes smoothly. I think I will cry when we leave the beach.
Oh yeah, our 3yr old dog Gibson is finally neutered! The S.N.I.P. clinic was running a special called Hooters for Neuters. That's right I had to take Gibson to Hooters Restaurant. Then they took him to the clinic for surgery and I picked him up the next day at Hooters. I was even on the news. How embarrasing. He pulled his e-collar off and pulled all his staples out so we had to take him up to the clinic to repair the damage. He has to keep that dumb e-collar on 7-10 days. Oh and it better be healed in 7 days because I have so many bruises on my legs from him running into me with that thing. We did all this so he could get licensed. Turns out they charge you a late fee for every month he was late. He was suppose to be licensed at 4 mths. He is 3 yrs. Yeah. I wrote a fat check for that one. But at least he is all fixed up now. No pun intended. ha ha. nails trimmed, neutered, rabies shot, and licensed. Notice in the pic below all the dents in the collar. He runs into everything. Kinda funny but mostly painful (for me).

Thursday, June 11, 2009


That's right-strawburied. I LOVE strawberries and I never thought I would get sick of them. We went to Huber's Farm and Orchard to pick strawberries. I have more than enough now. We rode with our friends Bill and Joyce (AKA Meme and Poppy). This was the first time I have ever let the girls go without a planned nap and it maybe the last. It is a 45 minute drive there so I knew they would nap at least a little bit. They did pretty good. They cried as we left but that always happens when they have had fun. They went to bed an hour early that night. Way too much crying and fussing for me. But it was fun. The girls picked the berries and I actually had to tell them to eat them. Once June had the "Okay" she went at it. She stuffed the whole strawberry with the stem and leaves in her mouth. We then ate an early dinner and ended everything with some ice cream. Yum.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Running again!

Tony and I got married July 23, 2004 so I was running the spring and summer right before that. I have never ever been athletic in any way(except in 1st grade-softball) in my life up until then. It took me two months to run a mile. pathetic, I know. So after that, married-moved-school-a bit of wonderful yoga-and then KIDS. No running. I was basically pregnant for two years. Can you imagine how eager I was to just run after had June? Just to b e able to move and chase my dog around the backyard was great. We have a beach trip coming up at the end of July(hopefully, if money allows). We say we are going. We will make it there somehow. So the pressure is on to lose about 10 pounds. Not too big of a deal but it will take work. Actually, I don't feel too bad about my body considering this is the first summer in a while that I haven't had a huge pregnant belly. I have started jogging in the early morning before Tony goes to work. I am not an early bird but that is the BEST time for me to go. I really enjoy it. Cool, no one around, no kids to worry with. A great way to start the day. This time I ran a mile the fourth time I went. awesome-for me. So now that I have done it, there is no turning back. A mile is a must. Now I just have to figure out how to stop eating so much. I love the taste of food and will continue to enjoy the flavor way too long.