Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Drum Circle and mandalas

Some of my art therapy friends invited us to Shine where there would be a drum circle and mandala making. I decided it would be fun for the whole family to participate. We sat in circle and grabbed a drum or instrument of our choice and began playing. Finding our own rhythm both personally and as a group was awesome. Then we made mandalas and then more drumming! Bay and June really liked it. I thought Bay would be dancing the whole time but she didn't. She actually sat and played drums with everyone else. Daddy and the girls did an awesome job on their manadalas. See pics below. If they do this monthly I think I might have to become a regular member. I would go alone though. It would be much more relaxing that way. I am glad I was able to experience something cool with my family though.

Drawings clockwise from top left: daddy, mommy, Bay, and June

Art Sparks

We were invited to join some friends at Art Sparks this week. A friend helped us get in with a free pass. It is a children's area in the Speed Art Museum. The girls really had fun and want to go back soon. Afterwards we went to McDonalds. Fun day!

Christmas Craft

I decided to make some paper ornaments after inspiration from blogs and a friend. Then I hung them up . They turned out really beautiful. It made me think of origami or the good ol' paper chains I made as a child. It was a little addicting. I just kept adding loops. It was easy and beautiful. Just how I like it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Star behavior chart

A month or so ago, Bay's behavior was terrible. She was very disobedient, defiant, dramatic, crying all the time, etc. It was bad enough that something needed to be done. I assumed it was the terrible threes since the twos were not bad. I did two things different. I began working on a behavior chart. I found one on the internet I liked and got started. It took me a while to make it so in the mean time we began spending more family time together. Nothing special planned, just hanging around the house. Daddy and I made ourselves available. During this time Bay went back to her old self. Thank God! I finished the chart and made one for June too. Bay loves awards and reaching goals so I knew she would like the chart. We are using them now. And it does help. Bay biggest weakness is not brushing her teeth with a happy heart when daddy tells her to. Now that she knows she will get a star on her chart, toothbrush time is cry free! Below is a picture of the chart. All the stars are velcroed to it so I can continue to use it each week. I printed the images from the internet and had to draw Bay's pull-up. Our printer is out of ink so I had to print at the library. Since the library only has black ink I just colored the images with markers.

Christmas tree collage

I was really bored yesterday and after surfing the blog world, I found some inspiration. While the girls were taking a nap I cut out pieces for a christmas tree collage. It was all ready and waiting for them at the kitchen table. They both did a wonderful job. I had to help June just a little. Bay did it about 95% all by herself. They turned out really beautiful. Bay said she was making hers for daddy.
June-left, Bay-right.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

nutcracker and cherries

Bay had her first dance recital recently-The Nutcracker. She did an excellent job with hair, make-up, and the costume. She watched and copied her teacher but didn't smile a whole lot. Afterwards we went out for a sweet treat. She saw cherries on a cake and decided to have a bowl full of cherries and no cake. Silly girl. Can't wait for the next recital in June.