Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dirty 30

That's right. I turned thirty on Jan. 8th. Bummer. oh well, you can't stop time. My hubby wrote out 30 things he loves about me. cool. We had a little family party after a pancake breakfast. That seems to be the tradition around here. Then a good friend cooked dinner for us. Here are the kiddos eating.

Here are the candles. I had to blow quickly before my kids blew them out.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rewind 2011 and start over please

Okay. I figured out how to view my pictures in my posts again. Now I just need a new camera so I can have pictures. I am still uploading pics from phone to facebook, then saving then to computer from facebook. blah. big unorganized mess. I want my camera back! So, this year, June busted her head at the Louisville Science Center. This is June at Kosair's children's hospital. They had put a numbing medicine on it and we were waiting for it to work. Then they glued her wound together. She is doing good now.

A day or so later, the stomache bug hits our family. fun times. Then we all get better and now we got runny noses. I can't wait until spring. In the mean time we are finger knitting and

Drinking hot cocoa after playing in snow,