Thursday, January 14, 2010

Princess Half-Marathon

I have been invited/challenged to run the Princess Half Marathon at Disney World in 2011. I know what you are thinking. i laughed too. The farthest i have ever run is 1 mile. It seems quite impossible right now. It will be VERY difficult both physically and finacially for me but it is possible... somehow. With the encouragement from KeithAnn and Tony I think I could do it. Many barriers to overcome: cold weather, laziness, children, Tony's workout schedule, my out of shape body, and......

these old shoes! If I am going to be running as much as I am suppose to, I better invest in a new pair of running shoes. And wouldn't that be awesome for me to run a half marathon at the age of 30! If I don't keep up the pace at the race, they will pick you up and transport you to the finish line without a medal. I have a feeling I might get transported.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fire and Ice Birthday

I am 29 now. This will be the last year of my twenties. I had a very pleasant birthday. Tony set his alarm for what I thought was work. It has been snowing here so it affects his job. I was half asleep and just assumed he went to work. Then I began hearing noises and knew he was doing something special for me. I heard the tape dispenser and what I thought was a drill and a metal pipe dropping. I just knew he was hanging and building something. Then I smelled something burning. Turns out he was making pancakes and dropped the metal bowl(pipe) and used the chopper for bananas(drill). He did burn them a bit but the girls and I ate them anyway. They were still good. He hung drawings they did for me on the hallway ceiling. He had asked the girls to find something to give me a few days earlier. Bay decided to pick a mitten and filled it with pom poms. June picked one of the paper ornaments I had made for christmas.

Later, Tony came home from work but left again for more birthday stuff. He made me stay in the bedroom until he was ready. He got the girls up from nap and they waited in the kitchen for me. I found balloons, ice cream cake, and my family singing "Happy Birthday". Then Tony went outside to our shed and brought back a fire pit. I have been wanting one forever. Thanks Tony for being creative and making my day special!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2-4 inches they say...

We enjoyed our first snow of the year today. The girls had fun digging in the snow with shovels. June kept taking her mittens off. Then daddy came out to play and the snow fight started. They really had fun and are ready for more later. Tony went to work for a little bit. He can't afford to sit at home and play without getting paid. Tomorrow is my birthday.I hope someone will make it extra special.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

too little

Riding home today in the car, Bay said, "Mama, my friends at dance class said I am little". I starting talking about something else and then I realized I needed to "rewind" and investigate this important issue. I asked, "did that make you happy or sad when they said that?" Bay replied, "angry!". So I began the mom talk about how great a dancer she was and it didn't matter how little she was. God made us all different shapes and sizes and we should be happy...blah, blah, blah... Well, that didn't really work. She said she wanted to be big like the other girls. Bay is petite and skinny and I think she is the youngest in her class. She is just small. It is amazing how early in life we begin to compare ourselves to one another. I want this dance class to raise self esteem not lower it. I might talk to the teacher about it just to make sure it stays positive. The dance friends are not being mean about it. They think she is cute and little. Poor Bay, She will probably deal with this for the rest of her life. So my mission is to find things only little people are good at. Objects/toys might start getting stuck in tight small spots that only a Bay could fit in. A friend suggested the game Limbo. Mama for sure couldn't win that game!

I love visitors

I wanted to note that Soulemama visited my blog a while back. I guess I commented on hers enough that she wanted to know who I was. awesome. Unfortunetly she probably didn't find anything too interesting. I need to break out her book and make something. Probably that pencil roll that Tiffany reminded me of. I would love to have her second book too. If you don't know about Soulemama please click on her link to the left of my blog screen.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello 2010!

I have been reviewing my blog from 2009. 2009 didn't start out well but by spring and summer it was great. I think I need to blog more. I noticed it is only on the big events. I need to be documenting some of the little everyday things too.

I have hit the the terrible winter wall. I can't motivate myself to do anything. I hate it. I am cold, tired, and bored. I probably should be more proactive and do something. But I would much rather hibernate until spring. I hope this is not seasonal depression. A few things I hope to do in 2010:

listen to God more by reading His word

sell kid clothes in consignment sale

go see comedian Brian Reagan

Bunk beds for girls with cute bedding

buy a mini van

lots of spring planting- herbs & flowers

loose weight

trip to see Tristy,Scott, & Ryan

visit the beach again

buy more books and read them

buy a bookshelf to hold our books

build an end table

print pictures

pick peaches

enroll girls in gymnastics

Put Bay in choir

floss more

and finally but most importantly: make time to date my husband. And it wouldn't be a good blog without a picture. So here is our family. My hair is now red and I think I like it.