Sunday, August 22, 2010


Haven't posted in a while. Bay has managed to get her finger caught in a mouse trap and get stung by a bee this past week. Poor girl. God is making her stronger through it all. She needs these things. We were eating at a Chinese restaurant in lexington with Tony's dad and the girls went to the other side of the room to play with some other children. next thing you know, I heard Bay crying. The other daddy said she must have touched the mouse trap in the corner. Her finger was blue, but fine. not broken. I was mad and distugsted that they even had a need for mouse traps. yuck. I guess Bay learned her lesson. Too bad we had not dicussed the dangers of those thngs but ya know mouse traps don't come up very often around here. thank God. She did fine with the bee sting. no allergies or anything. Now we just clean and organize while we wait for Grandma to come visit. Bay's cowgirl birthday party this Saturday. I have a lot of prep work to do. I hope we have the money to do it. It will be a shopping scramble the day before the party since Tony gets paid friday. The weather is suppose to be wonderful. Pictures to come.