Tuesday, December 2, 2008

He's in a band, I am in a guild...

Yep, Tony is in a small band(friends from work). He is excited about it. And I have an innate need to craft and I found a quilting guild that meets at my church. The average age is probably 65-70 but they know so much and I am ready to learn.Our generation seems to be lacking in the sewing department. I want to make one of those warm log cabin kind of quilts one day. One you would wrap up in during the holidays. I have to get my sewing machine claeaned and repaired first. I haven't been posting lately because our computer has been hijacked. They like to send out mass emails and make our internet company cut our internet off. We were told to reprogram our computer and reinstall windows and install an antispyware thing. Whatever. I wish I knew more about computers. It is not happening as fast as I would like it to. We are going to Greenville, MS for Christmas! We have many people to see. We will probably be there from the 23rd-28th. Speaking of Christmas, I finished the dolls for the girls. Here is a picture.I wonder which one Bay will choose.

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Celeste said...

Rock on Tony! Video a show and post it online for the world to see. It's been a while since I've heard you play and sing.

I love the dolls. You are talented. I hope to see you guys before too much longer.