Friday, October 9, 2009

I need to create, NOW!

The creative bug has hit!!!!!! I want to make everything. God has definetly filled my heart with the desire to create. Create anything! Top ones on my list are 1)notecards with fabric on it for christmas party presents, 2)sweet treats(especially in the shape of puppies for June's birthday- more on that next week), 3) a window table, 4)this awesome gift for a kid. soooooooo theraputic. And if it can be theraputic, I want it. I guess it is the art therapist in me (that I will one day get paid for). This band-aid blanket is not expensive but I can make it for cheaper and have fun doing it. Check it out. so cool. Ian, you you are reading this, you might get one for christmas if Aunt Netty can make it look good. What color would you like? wouldn't it be great with a cool book in it about being sick? I know Bay would love it and would put her Raffie right in pocket. And here is a picture of my awesome husband and children because I like to post pics with my posts even when they are not relevant.

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Callihan Family said...

Annette, I also have a blog. (Amy C - the one with the noisy baby boy in Cafe Mom). Two other blogs that you might enjoy are I have made a couple of things off her blog and they are awesome. She also has other things on there (photography, etc). Bakerella also has some really cute ideas for cupcakes, etc.