Monday, September 13, 2010

Bay's cowgirl birthday

Since Bay and June's birthdays are close together I wait all year to go all out for their birthdays. Usually Bay's takes half of my creativity out of my body leaving June with a smaller more casual party. But this year I have big plans for June's Rockstar party. But that is a blog for mid october. This blog is about Bay's cowgirl party. I took a picture of June in some pink cowgirl boots. It was our only pair at the time and June was the only one who could fit them. I used that picture to make the invitations(and later as vases). I invited most of Bay's favorite people. I tried to keep it to girls her age. She had pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast. She played in her hat and lasso all day. The party was mostly outside with hay bales, cowgirl coloring station, digging for gold, and stick horse races. Her cake was a Barbie cowgirl. She even had a lasso. Tony started the races with a cap gun. Bay recieved about 5 or 6 barbies, silly bands, a lite bright,candyland, and cowgirl attire. Bay requested country music for the party too. Then we went to Tumbleweed for dinner to continue the theme. She had a great time.I think after this year we may try to have simple cheap family birthdays from now on.

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theUngourmet said...

This is a fun party idea. I love the boots with the flowers! ;)