Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

This is Bay and, one of our new friends, Daisy. She kinda looks like June in this picture. Anyway, we went to Schimpff's Confectionary in Indiana to watch them make heart red hots and hope to sample a few.
As we walked, in they gave us samples of chocolates. It was rather delicious.

We browsed their museum of old candy boxes and equipment. pretty cool. Made me wish I had a super cool camera instead of my phone camera.

Super crowded in the gift shop.

Girls waiting to see how the red hots are made.

This is Jill and Warren, the owners. They are a hoot. Very entertaining. The picture above is when the candy comes out of the machine. Once they are are put through they drop the pieces on the table to break apart the hearts. pretty cool. seemed magical for the kids. June said this was her favorite part, "when they went crash". Then we got to sample the warm red hots. They were yummy too. They gave the option of lemon drops for kids in case the red hots were too spicy. We stayed and ate lunch with our friends and then watched them make red hots one more time before leaving. It smelled so good in there. It was a really neat valentine's day.

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