Friday, March 27, 2009

Can we go home please!

I am so ready to go home and get back to our normal routine. Our floors will probably be done Monday. If it wouldn't have rained and the men worked on weekends it would be done earlier. The team of men that have worked on our floors have been awesome. The hardwood will be beautiful and the vinyl looks great. The chaos in the kitchen does not. We basically had to move out and will move back in Monday. yuck, I know, but necessary. I bought a runner and two small rugs today at Tuesday Morning. I feel very displaced. I miss my friends. I haven't talked to anyone since we have been in the chaos. It is almost over. Tomorrow we will check out and head over to Tony's dad's apartment since they will be out of town for a week. We will watch their dog while they are gone. Another place to adapt to. The girls will have napped at 4 different places before this is over. They are handling it well though. Bay doesn't want to go home. She said she will stay at the hotel. ha ha. Gibson is with us too. He really has been a good dog. Taking him outside several times a day has turned out to be somewhat fun for the girls. It gives us something to do since we don't have many toys with us. I need to make some bows but I am just so tired and need to rest when they rest. We are not use to going and going and going like this. Maybe monday or sometime next week I will post pics of the floors.

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