Thursday, December 10, 2009

Star behavior chart

A month or so ago, Bay's behavior was terrible. She was very disobedient, defiant, dramatic, crying all the time, etc. It was bad enough that something needed to be done. I assumed it was the terrible threes since the twos were not bad. I did two things different. I began working on a behavior chart. I found one on the internet I liked and got started. It took me a while to make it so in the mean time we began spending more family time together. Nothing special planned, just hanging around the house. Daddy and I made ourselves available. During this time Bay went back to her old self. Thank God! I finished the chart and made one for June too. Bay loves awards and reaching goals so I knew she would like the chart. We are using them now. And it does help. Bay biggest weakness is not brushing her teeth with a happy heart when daddy tells her to. Now that she knows she will get a star on her chart, toothbrush time is cry free! Below is a picture of the chart. All the stars are velcroed to it so I can continue to use it each week. I printed the images from the internet and had to draw Bay's pull-up. Our printer is out of ink so I had to print at the library. Since the library only has black ink I just colored the images with markers.

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Cherrie said...

Excellent idea! I'm proud of you for making the charts & proud of the girls for achieving the goals. I know Tony is much happier about Bay brushing her teeth without the crying. You are such a good mother.