Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Drum Circle and mandalas

Some of my art therapy friends invited us to Shine where there would be a drum circle and mandala making. I decided it would be fun for the whole family to participate. We sat in circle and grabbed a drum or instrument of our choice and began playing. Finding our own rhythm both personally and as a group was awesome. Then we made mandalas and then more drumming! Bay and June really liked it. I thought Bay would be dancing the whole time but she didn't. She actually sat and played drums with everyone else. Daddy and the girls did an awesome job on their manadalas. See pics below. If they do this monthly I think I might have to become a regular member. I would go alone though. It would be much more relaxing that way. I am glad I was able to experience something cool with my family though.

Drawings clockwise from top left: daddy, mommy, Bay, and June

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