Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy May

May has been the busiest month by far and it isn't even over yet! First, the Derby. None of our horses won. That's okay. It is still fun to watch the race.
Then we had awards night for Honeybees and

Cubbies... Look at Bay. She posed for this one. She looks all grown up.

And Choir: The praise parade. Bay is such a poser.

Then, daddy had his gig at Southeast Christian Church in the coffee shop. Bay got on stage for a Jars of Clay song she likes. She sang and did hand motions. She just couldn't resist the stage. She loves it.

Then a few crafts. Tissue paper flowers. They sorta look real. We did these with our Callihan freinds.

I painted most of the bunk bed pieces. I have the twin set up for Bay. We still need to purchase another mattress before painting and putting the top bunk together. Thanks for the tarp mom. It was very useful!

And Bay still has to dance at a nursing home and take dance pictures and daddy has another gig on the 24th. ... and who knows what else we will do. Good thing everything else we are involved in is over for summer.

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