Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Self Esteem, Beauty, and Dancing

I decided to do body tracings with the girls one day. They did really good. We drew body parts inside the body and they colored the pictures. This is a good thing to do with girls no matter what age. You can really find out what they think about themselves and their body image. But at age 2 and 3 it is just fun to see yourself and learn about body parts. Bay wanted a heart, lungs, bones, and stomach. She had a skirt on so the body tracing has a skirt too. June just colored on hers.
Bay had dance pictures and a mini recital at a nursing home. I wanted to curl Bay's hair for the pictures so I bought sponges rollers. I figured out they just about only work if you sleep in them and I don't think Bay will sleep in them. I used a curling iron instead. But we had fun playing in the rollers anyway even if they weren't curling our hair.
Then Bay did the most awesome job at the nursing home. I have had so many parents talk about how great she did. Even her teacher said she was the leader that day. She did every move correctly at the right time, and sang loudly. I only saw it on video. Tony took them. I felt I might break down being at a nursing home. I visited my grandmother at the nursing home for many years. Bay said, "there was an angry grandma there". I told her that dancing for her probably made her happy. She replied, "no mom, she was still angry".

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