Friday, November 19, 2010

Rockstar Birthday Party

So June turned 3 on October 15, 2010. My camera was broken and I had to rely on friends and my phone for pictures. so I apologize ahead of time for lack of pics and poor quality. June wanted a Flyleaf birthday. That is her favorite band. We had visited a music class called WeeRock and loved it. I found out the lady, Heidi, did birthday parties and knew that would be perfect for June. So we invited some friends with microphone invitations.
Then we met at Mama's Hip with friends dressed in Rockstar attire. Red hair even. Heidi led us in songs and we played instruments. She played June's favorite Flyleaf song to jam to with instruments. Afterwards, we ate microphone cupcakes and opened presents. Heidi gave June a harmonica for her present.We have enjoyed it thoroughly since then. Everyone including the adults had a really good time. It turned out to be a very special birthday.

Update: My friend gave me some pictures she took at the party. Yay! see below.

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