Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Transition: looking for a home and a school

Our family is in a state of transition in a few areas. The first is church. We are in the process of switching to Sojourn Church. awesome place and we feel it is right for us at this time. We love our previous church. It was like a parent church for me. They helped us build a foundation and now we feel we are ready for something more. I am a better wife and mother due to the work God has done through the people at Highview. We will still do wednesday night honeybees and cubbies since Sojourn does not have this program. we were pumped about Sojourn, then we found out they have another campus that might be an option for us. So now we are not as sure as were thought we were about were to go to church. We are ready to find our "home" and stop floating around. It is so important to get plugged in quick. The second is finding an elementary school for Bay next year. We have visited 3 of the schools in our cluster so far. many more to go. I would like to visit 2-3 more. I have to put 4 choices down on the application in February. The choices are not guaranteed. They pick from the lottery system. I am struggling with a great school far away or a good school really close to home. Prayer is needed. We want to be where God wants us to be not where we think we want to be.

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