Sunday, June 15, 2008

Here I am world..

Well, My name is Annette and I wanted a record of this awesome time in my life so why not blog it and be cool like everyone else, right? ha ha!I am a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful little girls Bay and June. I am married to a wonderful husband. Happy Father's Day! He is the best husband in the world and he is an awesome dad too. There never are any words for the best things in life. I never feel my words or gifts are good enough, you know? (I guess I have confidence issues.... hmmm). Anyway, I also have a new passion for gardening. Maybe I will share pics as I become more familiar this blogspot. I believe I am trying to surround myself with beauty and growth. I also try to grow closer to God every day. I have learned to pray face down on the ground first thing in the morning from a Beth Moore study. God is so huge and I am but a speck hoping to please Him. How I fall short. My blogs will be random just like this. I sure enjoy reading other's blogs so maybe someone will stop by mine every now and then and take a peek into my life.

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KeithAnn said...

I'm glad you're becoming an exhibitionist...WORLD, HERE SHE IS!!!