Monday, June 30, 2008

Canoe Trip

Saturday we decided to take the girls out on Daddy's new canoe. It turned out wonderful for all. I set my expectations low so that anything would be pleasant. You never know what will happen with an 8 mth old and a 22 mth old. It was rather windy and sunny. It was early in the morning so it was still cool. We were only out on the water for maybe 45 minutes-1 hr. Bay decided to test the water several times. "Sit down Bay, Sit down Bay!" was the poular phrase of the trip. We stopped to rest and play and did Bay ever play.... under the water. She leaned over to touched the water and fell in head first. My heart dropped. Thank God for the life Jacket. She only dunked her head and Daddy pulled her back in. She must have held her breath because she never choked. She was just very cold and wet. It was scary but we tried to laugh about it so Bay wouldn't be scared. I just knew she was going to be terrified of water for the rest of her life. But no, she went back to play with the water again. This time two hands were holding her- a mommy hand and a daddy hand. The last picture is soon after daddy pulled her out of the water. Daddy enjoyed taking his family out in the boat. June and I just sat in the bottom of the boat where it was safe. June liked it as much as an 8 mth old could I guess. She did get fussy towards the end. I don't think I have ever seen mommy and daddy work so hard together to get that boat to the dock. A baby crying sure can motivate you. I know the fishermen were laughing at us from a distance. I can't imagine how stupid we looked. We couldn't keep that thing straight and why did they bring a baby on the canoe? I got a good work out in my arms and legs. I surely hurt my back even worse though. Gotta go to a chiropractor as soon as our insurance is effective. It was a good family outing! We will have to go again when I am able to help paddle again.


KA said...

I'm glad it went well and I'm really glad Bay isn't scared of the water and who cares if fishermen laughed, maybe they needed a good laugh.

spear-britney said...

A cute story!
Poor Bay - that sounds like something Ian would do. I know that was scary though!
That looks like a lot of fun, and it will be a sweet memory you guys will look back on for a long time.