Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meet Bay

Meet Bay Maryn Standrod:

This is Bay at 5 wks. I should have known then she would be a stinker. At 11 mths she paints with her body. She is about 2 months shy of being 2 and we are already seeing the drama queen. Everything is "OH NO" or "OH MAN". The tone of her voice is what makes it so funny. Yesterday, when Daddy told her it was time to brush her teeth, she threw herself into the couch saying, "noooooo". And then dramatically threw herself onto the ottoman. She then went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She knows that after she brushes her teeth it is bedtime. What kid ever wants to go to bed.She is always in a good mood and is freindly to other people. She says, "Hi... Hi ...Hi". She loves to spin around and make herself dizzy. She looks drunk when she does it. Here, Mommy put a bow in Giraffe's hair and she thought it was the funniest thing. She is so silly. She is learning new words everyday. I enjoy rolling the basketball back and forth with her. I love to see her brain working. I found a play food set on sale and bought it for her. She loves anything new. With these velcro veggies she can practice cutting with the play knife. She is getting better at it. She gets excited when she "cuts" them. It is kinda scary watching her walk around with a play knife. I helped her cut a real banana with her play knife. She liked that. The next time I gave her a banana, she cut it into 3 pieces with her fork. She did not eat it though. At least she was working on a skill. She is also learning her colors. Today, we were playing on mommy and daddy's bed. She was brushing my hair into my face. It is another version of peekaboo for her. This time I blew my hair once it was covering my face. She squealed with excitement. We then had to do it 20 more times after that. Each time she squealed. Another fun thing to watch her do is dance while Daddy plays guitar. He plays and then stops. She freezes with her hands out in front of her. It turned into a stop and go game. So this is Bay and I love her. There is much more fun things about her but I will share them as I go.

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