Thursday, August 14, 2008

Special Day

Today has been a special day. First, it is Tony's birthday. I like to celebrate birthdays. I like to include balloons, ribbon, streamers, and some sort of baked goods. We are always low on money during birthdays and holidays. This one was no exception. When Tony fell asleep last night, I went outside and drew with Bay's chalk. I wrote "happy birthday" and drew other birthday pictures on Tony's path from the door to his truck. I attatched a balloon and ribbon to his truck. Bay and I have done some special things for him today to give to him when he comes home. I hesitate because I wouldn't want him to read this before he gets home.
Also, Bay knows her name. I asked her what her name was and she said "Bay". She also said "sister" one time which is also true. I saw a monarch butterfly today. I rarely ever see that kind. They are so beautiful. Speaking of bugs and such, I am going to help teach Honeybees for Jesus this year. It starts next Wednesday. I asked that Bay be in another class so she wouldn't be a distraction for me. It should be very fun and also interesting to see Bay learn short Bible verses.

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Jenny said...

Sounds like you guys made his birthday very special! :)