Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chalk Painting

Bay loves chalk and she has drawn on our shed door outside once before. It washes off so I don't mind. After a rainy, we went outside and found her wet chalk in the grass. Our shed has a nice little porch on the front of it. So, on the porch part of it Bay started drawing with the wet chalk. It turned into a great finger paint. I made a palette of colors for her which I wasn't able to take a picture of since she wanted to pour water on it. I wasn't about to stop her from cleaning up, right? Ha ha. When she realized she had paint instead of chalk she went to her door and finger painted. I tried to show her how to mix a few colors. Not sure if she caught on to that. Anyway we both had fun and this is the final painting and a picture of our shed that will hopefully become a stage for all kinds of fun stuff once I put up a spring rod and curtain (puppet shows, "fishing", singing, dress up, acting, etc.) I can't wait! There will definitely be posts about those. I think I need to plant a bunch of stuff around the shed and in the pots to add drama and beauty. Got any ideas?
The girls will have to grow up a bit before the entertainment gets good. The best ones will be with both the girls! June is showing signs of being a singer or maybe just one who talks a lot. Yesterday, at the park there were about 4 kids running back and forth screaming. June screamed along with them each time they ran past us. She wants to get up, run, and play with the big kids so bad. Daddy also said that he was giving Bay piggyback rides around the house. Guess what June did? Crawled behind them. Precious! I didn't see it unfortunately. I was at a wedding. Kids are so fun! I think we have them so we can have more kid fun.

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