Saturday, October 4, 2008

Brave Retreat

Carey, Jenny, and I drove to Lexington, KY to hear Angie Smith speak. Her blog,Bring the Rain, is so awesome in many ways. Mostly because she points people to the Lord. The retreat was held the Hyatt Hotel. As they were marking our names of the the list I saw a very elegant room with fruit, chocolate, candles, and a gift at each seat. What more could a woman want, right? As we walked to our table I saw Angie. I must admit I was starstruck. I have been reading this lady's blog for a while now getting to know her and her family and I never thought I would see her in person. I spoke to her and we chatted for a while a took a couple of pictures. She is so sweet, genuine and funny. Very easy to talk to. Her family-Todd and her 3 girls were there too. We had a wonderful time of singing and worshipping throughout the night. She spoke about her story with Audrey. It was just as moving in person as it was on the blog. She also compared the story of Jesus calming the storm from the three Gospels. She related to the men in the boat as they faced the storm with Jesus as he slept. Our Lord is so powerful. Why are we so fearful in times of trouble? Do we not trust God? She spoke of how one learns to trust Jesus during the storm and learns to look forward to the lightning instead of fearing it. Angie reminded us that, "for it is the lightning that allows us to see Jesus' face if even only for a second". Angie talked Todd into singing a couple of songs at the end. He has a beautiful voice. We had a discussion of what women struggle with at our table and then it was time to go. I had a wonderful time with friends from church and was able to meet a very special woman of God.
And KeithAnn, I wore the necklace you gave me so you could be in the picture too. Thank You for sending me the link to her blog.


KA said...

Look at me and two of my BFFs forever, awesome!

The Fab Five said...

hey annette! I found your blog through catherine claire's. I'm so jealous you got to meet Angie!!! How exciting! you seem to be doing wonderful. Iam so happy for you!