Friday, September 26, 2008

Several things

Ever since I took painting and photography I always notice the light outside. It is the most beautiful in the morning and in the evening. I see color in different ways now. Anyway, I knew that the sun was brighter and closer in the winter but never really cared until someone bought me a prism. I could not find a place to hang it where light would shine through it. I found a spot in Bay's room. I hung it in her window. The thing is that we only get rainbows on her wall in the fall and winter due to the difference in the sun. It starts at 4 pm(about the time this pic was taken) just as Bay is waking from her nap. I tried to take a picture but you can't really see it too well. As the sun sets, the rainbows get bigger and brighter. This time I wrote it on the calendar. I want to see if it happens on the same day again next year.

Both my girls had this next problem. Today I must have left the bathroom door open. What is this?

And this:

Oh June, NO!

We always keep the bathroom closed for this reason. At least June didn't eat it like Bay did. Crazy kids.

Bay just figured out that the cushions come off the couch and make a new toy.I remember playing on the couch when I was little and it was super fun so I don't mind the mess for a little while.

And the last little thing: I made these paper puppets (printed from a website I can't remember) and then put mommy and daddy's face on them. Bay got a kick out of them. It is kinda fun to see us as king/queen or prince/princess. I love you Tony!

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spear-britney said...

Loving the new pics you sent on - the girls are growing so much. Is little June walking now?