Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heart 'N Hand

Today is Tuesday. Heart 'N Hand (quilt guild) night. I go there for the artist community, support, and inspiration. I will make a quilt one day. I will get my sewing machine fixed this month and hopefully I will be sewing this summer. I want to make the Miss Madeline dresses, aprons, and a quilt top. Problem is I have no tools. Nothing. So for Mother's day I would like Tony to go to a quilt shop like Joann's or Austin's Sewing Center and buy the basic tools and fabrics I need. I guess you could get them at Wal-mart but i am not sure what all I need. I do know I need a rotary cutter, a self-healing mat, and fabric. SouleMama is one of my role models when it comes to crafty things like this. She just made a quick quilt and I am in love with the company who sells the fabric she used. The colors are so me. It would never match anything in our house but the colors are just me. I guess eventually when I collect or make enough things that are "me" then everything will flow and match. When I paint (which is never, anymore) my colors tend to always be bright like this. I also have this thing for birds and nest and eggs. So when I saw this fabric. I gasped for air it was soooo beautiful. Click here http://store.annamariahorner.com/drrobu.html Then click to enlarge it to see the birds. I am not sure if it comes with the birds on it but if it doesn't I learned an easy screen print technique from another blog I could use to do it. I have to make this a priority or it will never happen. This is what I enjoy and unfortunately it involves money and time whereas Tony's hobby,fishing, only involves time. Which I want to do more often with him alone. Fishing season is about to explode so I probably won't see Tony much unless I start going with him. Or...... I could sew while he fishes. you know, I make the clothes, he brings home the dinner. Isn't that how it is suppose to be? ha ha. (I am so glad I figured out the link thing for these blogs. It is awesome.)

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