Friday, April 10, 2009

paint video

Okay flabby belly you have got to go! When your husband is convinced it is a pregnant belly AND IT IS NOT, it has to go....immediately. I guess I will start crunching. And now to the topic I originally wanted to post about-painting. I plan big painting days based on the girls' need for a bath. They were about due for one so I decided to let them paint. Their Memaw bought them a medium size roll of white paper. I rolled two of these out, strip the girls to their shirts and diapers, and gave them a plate with paint on it. I even threw in some paint brushes just in case fingers were not good enough. Well, they loved it. They ended up enjoying it on their bodies more than the paper but that's what kids do. So I took videos and pictures. It is probably long and boring to you but it is special to me and will be even more special later on.

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