Thursday, June 11, 2009


That's right-strawburied. I LOVE strawberries and I never thought I would get sick of them. We went to Huber's Farm and Orchard to pick strawberries. I have more than enough now. We rode with our friends Bill and Joyce (AKA Meme and Poppy). This was the first time I have ever let the girls go without a planned nap and it maybe the last. It is a 45 minute drive there so I knew they would nap at least a little bit. They did pretty good. They cried as we left but that always happens when they have had fun. They went to bed an hour early that night. Way too much crying and fussing for me. But it was fun. The girls picked the berries and I actually had to tell them to eat them. Once June had the "Okay" she went at it. She stuffed the whole strawberry with the stem and leaves in her mouth. We then ate an early dinner and ended everything with some ice cream. Yum.

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spear_britney said...

That looks like so much fun!