Monday, June 1, 2009

Running again!

Tony and I got married July 23, 2004 so I was running the spring and summer right before that. I have never ever been athletic in any way(except in 1st grade-softball) in my life up until then. It took me two months to run a mile. pathetic, I know. So after that, married-moved-school-a bit of wonderful yoga-and then KIDS. No running. I was basically pregnant for two years. Can you imagine how eager I was to just run after had June? Just to b e able to move and chase my dog around the backyard was great. We have a beach trip coming up at the end of July(hopefully, if money allows). We say we are going. We will make it there somehow. So the pressure is on to lose about 10 pounds. Not too big of a deal but it will take work. Actually, I don't feel too bad about my body considering this is the first summer in a while that I haven't had a huge pregnant belly. I have started jogging in the early morning before Tony goes to work. I am not an early bird but that is the BEST time for me to go. I really enjoy it. Cool, no one around, no kids to worry with. A great way to start the day. This time I ran a mile the fourth time I went. awesome-for me. So now that I have done it, there is no turning back. A mile is a must. Now I just have to figure out how to stop eating so much. I love the taste of food and will continue to enjoy the flavor way too long.

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