Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello 2010!

I have been reviewing my blog from 2009. 2009 didn't start out well but by spring and summer it was great. I think I need to blog more. I noticed it is only on the big events. I need to be documenting some of the little everyday things too.

I have hit the the terrible winter wall. I can't motivate myself to do anything. I hate it. I am cold, tired, and bored. I probably should be more proactive and do something. But I would much rather hibernate until spring. I hope this is not seasonal depression. A few things I hope to do in 2010:

listen to God more by reading His word

sell kid clothes in consignment sale

go see comedian Brian Reagan

Bunk beds for girls with cute bedding

buy a mini van

lots of spring planting- herbs & flowers

loose weight

trip to see Tristy,Scott, & Ryan

visit the beach again

buy more books and read them

buy a bookshelf to hold our books

build an end table

print pictures

pick peaches

enroll girls in gymnastics

Put Bay in choir

floss more

and finally but most importantly: make time to date my husband. And it wouldn't be a good blog without a picture. So here is our family. My hair is now red and I think I like it.


Cherrie said...

I agree that you should blog more because I enjoy reading it more often.

KA said...

You forgot

-trip to visit the Carters