Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fire and Ice Birthday

I am 29 now. This will be the last year of my twenties. I had a very pleasant birthday. Tony set his alarm for what I thought was work. It has been snowing here so it affects his job. I was half asleep and just assumed he went to work. Then I began hearing noises and knew he was doing something special for me. I heard the tape dispenser and what I thought was a drill and a metal pipe dropping. I just knew he was hanging and building something. Then I smelled something burning. Turns out he was making pancakes and dropped the metal bowl(pipe) and used the chopper for bananas(drill). He did burn them a bit but the girls and I ate them anyway. They were still good. He hung drawings they did for me on the hallway ceiling. He had asked the girls to find something to give me a few days earlier. Bay decided to pick a mitten and filled it with pom poms. June picked one of the paper ornaments I had made for christmas.

Later, Tony came home from work but left again for more birthday stuff. He made me stay in the bedroom until he was ready. He got the girls up from nap and they waited in the kitchen for me. I found balloons, ice cream cake, and my family singing "Happy Birthday". Then Tony went outside to our shed and brought back a fire pit. I have been wanting one forever. Thanks Tony for being creative and making my day special!

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Cherrie said...

Sounds like a beautiful day to me, too.