Monday, March 1, 2010

Comedy Show

Saturday night Tony and I went to see Brian Reagan. He is a comedian with clean jokes. SOOOOOO funny! He has had a few shows on comedian central lately. We were really excited about going. We have been thinking that going out to eat is boring and we should try to do new things together. Tony's dad and Koko came over to watch the girls. Tony and I went out to eat and then rushed to the Brown theatre. We had to park on the top level of a parking garage. We ran down 4 flights of stairs and around the corner to the front door. I was wearing heels too. Then we squeezed into our seats which were in the center of the row. I hate that. having people get up to let you by. anyway the people on each side of us were the type to laugh at EVERYTHING. If you are that type that is wonderful. I guess you must enjoy life more than I do. This problem only lasted through the guy that opened for Brian Reagan. Because Brian Reagan is so funny we were laughing at everything he said. The first guy wasn't too bad but he mumbled a lot so I couldn't hear him. I forgot my camera so no pictures this time. When the show was over we walked up the many stairs to our car and then waited for all the cars below us to file out and leave. It was a good time. The girls don't like it when we go out. They don't cry when we leave but they have their moments. Bay had hers earlier that day at naptime. Crying, saying she didn't want me to go on a date. Then June cries the next night thinking we were putting them to bed and leaving her. dang kids, chill out! Mommy and daddy love each other. I tried to convince Bay that it was good for us to go out on dates because we love each other and she definitely wants a mommy and daddy who love each other. I think she got it but she told me later, " Mom, I don't want you to go out on a date ever ever again". Sorry about your luck kid. If you have never heard Brian Reagan go to and search his name.

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