Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Super Silly Bay!

That girl! She had a giggle fit monday that lasted close to two hours. She couldn't stop herself. Out of control. She was a little silly after naptime. Here is the proof: Example A is a cute super girl silly.She dressed herself from head to toe. I believe she was inspired by her cousin Ian's superhero birthday party pictures.

Example B:

Oh it gets better. Example C: This is probably my favorite.

she continues, Example D:

Then sometime after that, the giggles started. And did not stop until she fell asleep that night. She ate dinner- with the giggles. It was good to hear her laugh but it was a bit disruptive. It took over her body. It was like she was drunk. She wasn't worth much good. I got her dressed for dance- with the giggles. As you see in the picture she could no longer stand straight due to the silliness.
Look how cute the leg warmers are. Bay's best friend Jordyn gave those to her. So, I took her to dance and she giggled while putting her ballet shoes on and I nervously watched her go into her class. Mrs. Connie, I am so sorry for her behavior. Even the other moms in the waiting room noticed she was extra giggly. I guess she did okay in class. No complaints. and she got a sucker and a sticker. I thought she might have burned some energy and giggles off after dance. Nope. She giggled on the ride home and then Daddy noticed the problem when we got home. What the heck did I feed her? It reminded me of my Grandmother when she use to ask me, "Do you have fever with those spells?" maybe I acted the same way when I was little. Oh....Bay(with a sigh). Maybe I will figure her out one day( probably not). At least she made me smile and not cry that day.


T said...

I love her.

Cherrie said...

My nickname when I was little was "Giggler" for years. Love that girl, Grandma.

Mandy said...

You will still love these pictures in 10 years...she will hate them....and any boys she brings to the house will love to see them while they're waiting for her to get ready for their date.:)