Saturday, July 5, 2008

worn out mama

Yesterday I was a bit sick but well enough to endure the fourth activities. This morning I feel like crap. And Bay is getting it too. Those awful runny noses. Yuck. For the 4th, we went to a friend's house for food, fun, and fireworks. I knew going into it that I would be very worn out. It is very challenging for me to feed June, feed Bay, make sure Bay is safe, and socialize. As soon as I got there at 6:30 I fed June dinner to get that out of the way. We were good for a while until it was time for everyone to eat. I still haven't figured out how to eat when everyone else eats at an event like this. Bay was too excited so she didn't eat much. They have a plum tree that is heavy heavy with the fruit. The limbs had broken off it was so heavy. Bay gathered her plums and tasted a few. This kept her busy for most of the night. Bay is much younger than all the other kids. The girls would say "Baby Alert!" when she walked in. Then around 8:00 June was tired, like she should be, so a friend fed her her bottle and we tried to lay her down like normal (in the pack-n-play). I am not sure if she slept any. She cried on and off for an hour or so. I finally just got her up. She didn't want to miss the fireworks I guess. Plus, there's nothing like your own bed. Bay was very tired. She even at one point told Daddy, "home". That is so sad. She didn't like the fireworks. They were too loud. We watched some of them from inside. June was up at this point and was able to watch some fireworks. She did fine except for one time when one was too close. It made her cry. So, I ended up inside with Bay while a friend rocked June who was completely happy and appeared very awake. That's fine with me as long as no one is crying!!!!!! This description of the night doesn't quite depict the stress that came with it. Overall, I am glad we went. We need the practice of being in public with our kids. So the plan was to let the kids sleep in right? negative. Bay woke up at her usual time except I found her on a blanket on the floor. She must have woke up and got out of bed but knew it wasn't time to wake up yet. I have a body pillow that hangs over the bed so she can slide down. It is hard for her to climb back on the bed with this in this way. So she wasn't in the best mood. June did sleep about an hour and a half longer. She wakes up unhappy too. Thankfully it is Saturday and Daddy is home now from a men's "Bible study"(group therapy). The kids are pleasant and still I am sick and tired. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be fun and eventful.

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