Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We are back!

We are back from St. Louis and I feel like I am trying to catch up on rest. It was a fun trip. I think that the kids handled the stress of traveling pretty well. They got to meet there aunt, uncle, and cousin. Bay loved swimming and walking. She loved running down the hotel hall. Saturday was especially hot outside and while we were doing the VBS in the neighborhood, June got a heat rash all over. She still has a little bit of it now. Bay was so cute dancing to the songs with everyone. She was doing some of the hand motions too. One morning, June was so fussy that I just laid her down on our bed and she grabbed the cover like she does with her blanket, sucked her thumb, and she was out! Tony's dad was watching the pets and house while we were gone. When we got home we checked our garden and found a huge zuccini. Those things must have crazy growth spurts because it was only about 2 inches when we left. We ate it with our dinner that night. It was pretty good. Some of our cherry tomatoes were also ready to be picked. I let Bay pick those. It is a good learning experience for her. She learns her colors because "we only pick them when they are red, Bay!" She gets to taste good organic tomatoes from her own backyard. I think we will have a bigger garden next year. Here are a few pics of the trip, family, and the zucchini.

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Jenny said...

That's so funny! The lady had said that her baby was 10 months old and I was thinking that your baby is a little younger, right?

Those videos are so cute in the post below this. Does she not put the paint/paper in her mouth? Ellie puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. It would be a lot easier to find things to do if she didn't want to taste everything. :) I just got a couple books from the library that talks about fun things to do with your baby. I am so running out of ideas. She gets bored with her toys and wants to get into everything. Maybe I will try the paint if I get brave enough. :)