Friday, February 20, 2009

He finally came!

Sorry to have been so gross in the previous post. I guess I am just sick of everything and I really don't care anymore. I just want everything fixed, running, and pretty. Speaking of fixed, our leak is fixed and I am happy. The wait is worth it when you have connections and you know a discount awaits you. We paid him more than what he asked for to compensate for his gas. He drove all over this city trying to find the right part to save us money. Now it is time to do some paperwork and get the floors fixed. If we can find a receipt for our bedroom furniture(ruined at the bottom) the insurance will cover that too. The W/D we bought on craig's list was a lemon. The dryer took 3 hrs to dry a little load. We figured it needed a new burner. Then, I went to start a wash and I heard a click click click and the good old magical black poof of smoke appeared. I wish a new one had magically appeared right there. Anyway, that one is junk as far as I am concerned. I thought about using the washer thing inside it as a firepit but I think it requires too much digging to set it in the ground and nice stones to go around it...etc. We don't really have a great place for it anyway. It might not look so hot to future buyers. It is probably best we just buy a new $60 firepit and be done with it. It is a necessity for us since our 3 large trees drop limbs every time the wind blows. Here, you have to pay extra for yard waste and guess what? we don't. Plus, I would like to sit outside with my husband after the kids are asleep and watch the stars and fire instead of the TV. Back to the point..... I am pretty sure we will fix the old W/D this week. Progress people. I see progress being made. Then after all that Daddy gets to build the playset in the backyard. The girls will love it. I think it is going to be a great spring and summer! I can't wait.

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spear-britney said...

I'm so glad your leak is fixed and the floors are going to be done soon. Love you guys!