Monday, February 23, 2009

Praying Bay

The girls were eating dinner last night and I was unloading the dishwasher. We have been sick on and off the last couple of weeks. Right now the girls are well but I am aching and have a sore throat. Bay said."Mom, I not sick!" I told her how great that was and she needed to thank God that she is healthy. So she did and I continued with the dishes. Then I heard her naming family and I looked and found her praying. Her hands were in prayer postion and her eyes were squinted. I slowly put dishes away so I could hear her. She prayed for memaw and poppaw and mom and june. My child prayed for me on her own will. I almost cried. I asked her if she was praying for family and friends and then told her how happy God is when we talk to Him. Tony missed it.

Update on the House and Insurance: After a bit of confusion, I called the insurance lady and we probably won't have to pay any of our deductible. If any, it might be around 500 which we have from our taxes. We will have new floors soon!They will sand and refinish the hardwood and put new laminate down and put carpet in the bedrooms. They will pay for us a hotel room while they sand and refinish the hardwood. Wow! Maybe it could be a hotel with an indoor pool. hmmm....probably not. Maybe I should thank my husband for making the bad decision to turn the heat off during Christmas vacation. I now have to call and schedule someone to come fix our W/D. Tony and his dad are suppose to move the piece of junk to the road and move the old one back into the spot so it can be fixed. Good luck muscle men!

Also we purchased a new laptop computer. I believe our 10 yr old computer is about to die. It has been hacked into, we get crazy pop ups saying something has made an illegal action or something, and it has like no memory compared to the new computer. We are moving up in the technology world. I will have to get Tony to blog about buying the laptop. Too funny! He never blogs though. oh well.