Sunday, February 8, 2009

A criminal investigation

All criminals leave a trail right? If you had your purse, keys, phone, cards, and a new Bible with your name on it stolen and then later found a trail leading to the thief, would you follow it? What would you say? I have this opportunity now and I really want to be prayerful about this. The first instinct I think is to punish and get payback. Or even just get my stuff back. something. anything. What if something more could happen. What if I could show Jesus to them. What if they eventually came to my church? What is the way to show Jesus. I think it is through love. "Love your enemies" right? How do you show love to a thief? This shows my lack of Bible knowledge but how did Jesus show love to a thief?(I need to research and consult the Word on this one) What act would be so outrageous and loving that I could do that would point them to Jesus? Or do I ignore it and move on? I don't want to say too much on here because you never know who reads this stuff. Afterall, they know my name and could be reading this.

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