Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Garden '09

So I built this raised garden bed while Tony went on a camping trip. It was a lot of hard work. I borrowed some tools and a truck(for the load of dirt). The picture below was my method of transporting the dirt. I put the baby pool under the crack of the tailgate to catch the dirt that fell. I needed all the dirt I could get. never waste a thing. It took me about 3 hrs(the girls' naptime) to get the frame secure and level in its place and fill it with dirt. I followed directions from on how to build it. I added top soil and cow manure/compost. Then when my mom visited us, we planted everything. A couple of weeks later we had good bean sprouts.
From left to right: Green beans which will hopefully grow up the twine, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, Bell Peppers ( green & yellow), broccoli, and zucchini up front right.

Everything is doing well so far. I am not sure the broccoli will last but it is doing good now. The zuchini will take over that whole right corner. I am hoping to guide it off the edge if needed. I have a flower garden also. I have lavender, sunflowers, and poppies. I rushed planting the sunflowers and poppies in the mud. mistake. I will have to try again with the sunflowers and some other flower from seed. I will also buy some soil to help.

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