Thursday, September 25, 2008


I stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrup. How about you? It is really hard though since they put it in EVERYTHING! I believe sugar of any kind in large amounts is very very negative. I saw two commercials supported by the Corn Refiners about HFCS being basically good for you. It is made from corn and it is sugar. What is wrong with that?right? Wrong people! They give you a website to learn more about HCFS. I read a lot of it but not all of it. They were trying really really hard to bring out every positive thing they could. It basically is good for those who use it to make a product(it's cheap,better shelf life,etc). Who cares about what it does over time to the people who eat it. Then I read some research findings on another site that showed the negative effects of it. It definitely is an eye-opener once you are educated about food. The following is our goal. I say "goal" because this is not the way we eat all the time. We actually have gotten really bad about it in the last 1-2 years. We have both gained weight too.
Organic and unprocessed as much as possible!!!!!!!
Whole wheat bread,flour, pasta, crakers, cereal,etc. No bleached white stuff!
organic cane sugar (as little sugar as possible)
no soft drinks
little amounts of juice
small amounts of red meat
no pork
chicken,turkey, and fish are good
fresh fruits and veggies galor!
I totally agree with the food specialist(I think he is a chef) on The Biggest Loser: Shop on the perimeters of the grocery store. Items in the center are going to be more processed. That's were much of the junk is.
So go away HFCS! I want real food that hasn't been sweetened to affect the flavor. If God wanted sugar in everything he would have put it there, right?

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Stephanie said...

I saw that commercial, too and I was appalled! The maddening thing is that I'm sure it succeeded in swaying some consumers. There's HFCS in SOOO many things and I do not buy products with it. The Biggest Loser comment was a great tip. I do most of our shopping on the perimeter and usually go in the aisles for baking items and that's it.