Friday, September 5, 2008

2 years old!

We had Bay's birthday last weekend. It was great. She really had fun. Early that morning, we went to the zoo with daddy and grandma. All the animals were out and about. Later, Mimi and Poppy came over. We ate BBQ and birthday cake. We busted our pinata that I made. I made it a bit too strong and we had to throw it on the ground to bust it open. I made and decorated her cake. I think it turned out well. It had Dora's face on it. So, we have had the evil cake here with us this week. How did this cake know our names? I guess it heard them at the party. It seemed to call our names everytime we walked past it. We finally ate it all, so no more cake! We want to lose a bit of weight around here. The funny thing is that Bay never really ate any. Maybe two bites of the cake the entire week. She would ask for it and I would hold her while she scooped some icing on her finger and ate it. I now have a month before June's birthday. What am I going to do for that?

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