Monday, September 8, 2008

Louisville Rocks!

The family went to the waterfront yesterday and had a lot of fun. Sorry no pics this time. We skipped rocks in the river, Bay saw the artsy bird sculptures, and played on the playground. We met a lady who is the director of children's music at the Louisville School of Rock I know, isn't that awesome? I didn't know we had one. Louisville has such cool things but sometimes it is hard to find them. Many things are downtown and we just don't make it there very often. She gave us a free egg shaker along with a free drop in class. June loves egg shakers! Now we have two. They have a class for 2-3 yr olds. So, one day our family will rock there. Hopefully soon! I think Tony might enjoy playing all the instruments more than the girls. This lady, Heidi, also told Tony about a unique coffee shop called Ray's Monkey House and Kid Cafe It is a coffee shop with an area for toddlers. We are so there soon! They have movie night and Kids open mic night. We probably wouldn't be able to do these right now but at least we know it is there. They also have people read stories to children on certain days. I think we may do this one saturday afternoon. These are two things that we could do throughout the winter season. I am in search for more. (Otherwise we will get stuck in front of the TV. Blahhhhhh!) To end our evening, we went out to eat and then looked at the ducks at a pond outside the restaurant. Bay had so much fun.

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spear-britney said...

Trae and I took Ian to that coffee shop when we came up to see you guys last year. Next time we come up we will all have to hang out and drink coffee while our kids play. I wish Memphis had something like this - I can't believe they don't.