Saturday, May 23, 2009

Head Covering

Check this article out. I never knew much about head coverings but now I do. I kinda want to investigate some stylish head coverings. I have never been much of a hat girl. I do like the small hats from the twenties I think it was. I don't dress fancy enough to wear a hat like that. And baseball hats which probably fit my "style"itch my forhead. I probably wouldn't follow through with this idea but it is kinda cool some ways. It does come from God's Word afterall. If nothing else, at least I will have more respect for those wearing headcoverings instead of an uneducated "why are you wearing that thing on your head" attitude.


KA said...

Wow, super interesting. I don't really want to wear a head covering because I don't want to be that different..but that shouldn't bother me. God saves us so we can be different... I see where wearing a headcovering would be a constant reminder to submit and that would be a very good thing in marriage. Submission is one of the toughest things about being a woman to me; submission and breasts and responsibility at work/home.

LisaM said...

Hi - I found you on a google search. Just wanted to pass along the blog and website I have put together on headcoverings, if you want to research the subject - or the styles! - more. Just click to my info page for my website, and the blog "ThoseHeadcoverings". God be with you.